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Compact Flotation Unit (CFU)

The Stauper Compact Flotation Unit (CFU) is a highly effective, robust and maintenance free solution for removing oil and gas from produced water.  As part of Stauper patent portfolio is also the unique design of having two or more complete cleaning stages in one vessel.

As such, the Stauper CFU can be tied in directly at separator as the only produced water treatment technology required. 


Stauper's multi-stage skid, is designed to effectively handle high oil content in water and address challenging water chemistry. It's a practical solution for both brownfield and greenfield projects where space and weight considerations are critical.

Key Benefits of Stauper's CFU:

Stable, highly efficient, proven to remove over 99% oil in water


Small footprint & several complete cleaning stages in one vessel

Capture solid particles 

No moving parts – no small-bore openings – maintenance free


Significant savings in weight and footprint


Less connections and instrumentation


Single Stage


Two Stage

Performance Data

Stauper CFU Skid at a SAGD installation in Canada (Heavy Oil – API 11°) No flocculants used

Efficiency: >99 %

Stauper CFU skid as polishing unit downstream deoiling Hydrocyclones

Efficiency: >98 %

Screen Shot 2023-08-11 at 11.51.27 pm.png
Screen Shot 2023-08-11 at 11.56.57 pm.png

Industry Leading Technology

The Stauper CFU has been accepted and qualified as Best Available Technology by leading operators in around the world.

It is the patented SCC that set the Stauper CFU apart from the competition. The SCC has a unique water flow pattern that ensures efficient, stable, and robust separation of oil and gas from water.

The SCC can also be retrofitted into existing produced water separation vessels – improving efficiency and capacity. Allowing for simple, cost-effective, and efficient debottlenecking and brownfield upgrade. The SCC can be installed into degassers, CFUs and other vessels allowing operators to handle increasing water production and still meet stringent discharge requirement.

Removes up to 99.5%

of oil in the water

Discharge down

towards 0ppm

Flexible, stable &
removes solids



The Stauper technology is also applied to a traditional degasser as a new build. Due to the Stauper gas/liquid mixer and the Stauper Coalescence Chamber the new degasser is not only improving oil from water separation, but also enhances degassing efficiency – in a small footprint.

The Stauper Flotation Degassing Unit is under development and is based on the philosophy of enhancing the de-oiling and degassing efficiency by utilizing Stauper gas mixer and coalescence inlet chambers.

To enquire about the Compact Flotation Unit,

or Degasser, please get in touch.

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