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Stauper Water Technologies has developed and patented a suite of technologies that allows operators a low-cost and efficient solution for produced water challenges.

Built around a patented coalescence process chamber, Stauper's solutions can be supplied in stand-alone skids, as well as used to upgrade and improve both efficiency and capacity of existing oil-water separation vessels.

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The Company

A Norwegian technology company that has developed and patented robust and cost-effective solutions for separation of oil from water for the oil and gas industry. Stauper is leading the way with innovative technologies. 

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Our Value Proposition

Stauper´s solutions enables operators to efficiently address bottlenecks and extend the lifespan of their oil and water separation systems. Our technology reduces the reliance on chemicals, thereby enhancing environmental sustainability

By using Stauper Internals to upgrade existing flotation vessels, operators will save significant cost and time while resolving de-bottlenecking and separation issues while ensuring high quality operations.

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Skidded Solutions

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Upgrade Existing Systems

Our compact, lightweight skids integrate seamlessly as a sole produced water treatment, consistently reducing oil in water to <1 ppm, achieving near-zero discharge

Stauper´s technology can be retrofitted into existing water treatment systems allowing for a cost-effective and swift solution to improve flow rate and improve separation efficiency.

The Stauper Coalesence Chamber (SCC)

Stauper has developed and patented a set of process internals for oil from water separation vessels – the Stauper Coalescence Chamber - SCC.


These internals can be supplied in a plug and play skidded solution (The Stauper Compact Flotation Unit - CFU and The Stauper Flotation Degasser) as well as be retrofitted into existing vessels to improve separation efficiency and rated capacity.

Stauper WT - Presentation Collateral.png

Our Technology is offered in two ways:

Skidded Plug and Play Solutions

The Stauper Compact Flotation Unit (CFU) is a highly effective, robust and maintenance free solution for removing oil and gas from produced water.  As part of the Stauper patent portfolio, is also the unique design of having two or more complete cleaning stages in one pressure vessel. As such the Stauper CFU can be tied in directly at separator as the only produced water treatment process required. Where more volume is required, the Stauper Flotation Degasser can be deployed.

Retrofit and Upgrade of Existing Vessels

Existing underperforming separation vessels can be upgraded by retrofitting the Stauper Coalescence Chamber into the vessel. This upgrade will improve oil from water separation, degassing of the water while improving flow capacity.  The retrofit process is completed in weeks and as a result existing equipment can be utilized. Improved separation will reduce the need for costly chemicals and improve environmental footprint. All work is done without the need for recertification of the pressure vessel.

Unlock Cost Savings

Minimize Chemical Dependency and Consumption for Oil from Water Separation Processes

Reduce Environmental Impact

Achieve a Greener Footprint with Superior Oil from Water Separation

Boost Efficiency and Cut Costs

Save Time and Resources by Upgrading Existing Separation Equipment for Streamlined Operations

Compact and Efficient

Skidded Solutions

Minimize Footprint and Weight, Eliminating the Need for Costly Additional Equipment

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