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Protean Variable Mixer

Optimal contact between gas bubbles and oil droplets is essential to the effectiveness of gas flotation. The Stauper Protean Variable Mixer ensures a complete mixing of flotation gas into the water at any flowrate. The Protean Mixer further ensures that the sizes of the  gas bubbles provided are in the efficient working range.

As such, the Protean Mixer in combination with the Stauper Coalescence Chamber (SCC) allow for a best in class turn-down, with no need for recycling pumps or other costly equipment..


The mixer is fully automated and maintenance free.

Quick Facts:

The Stauper Protean Variable Mixer is installed upstream the inlet Stauper Coalescence Chamber (SCC).

The mixer is adjusted according to water flow rate to ensure sufficient mixing intensity and full dispersion of gas into water.

The gas mixer can also be actuated and automated to select optimum mixer size according to measured produced water flow rate.

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To enquire about the Protean Variable Mixer,

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