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Retrofit & Upgrades

The Stauper retrofit approach can bring the proven and unique performance of the Stauper CFU to other produced water separation vessels. As such, the upgrade can help the operators improve the separation efficiency and increase throughput while meeting discharge requirements. All requirements are critical to maximizing profitability even more so in challenging times.

Designed for brownfield / debottlenecking projects, the retrofit approach carries several benefits. The Stauper Coalescence Chamber can be retrofitted into existing degassers and other oil and water separation vessel through the manway. Installation is fast and cost-effective, and no recertification of the vessel is required. Following the modification, the vessel will operate according to the Stauper CFU design philosophy.

Stauper´s patented separation internals can easily be installed into existing, or new oil-water separation vessels. This includes degassers, earlier design CFUs and different types of Water Oil Separators (WOSEPs). Upgrading these vessels with Stauper internals will allow for improved separation efficiency, handling of higher water production and hence reduced oil in water discharge without implementing costly new processing equipment.

The Challenge

Our Solution

There are several kinds of vessels designed to separate oil and gas from water prior to discharge. This includes degassers, CFUs and different types of Water Oil Separator (WOSEPs). Operators are often facing a situation where equipment is no longer able to handle increased water production or that the processing equipment is not meeting discharge requirements. Improving efficiency, increasing throughput while meeting discharge requirements are critical to maximizing profitability.

Stauper has developed and patented a concept for installation of its CFU internals into existing oil-water separation vessels. The internals can be installed through existing manways, improving the vessel performance. The modification also includes installation of Stauper gas/liquid mixer either inside or outside of the vessel. Following the modification, the vessel will operate according to the Stauper design philosophy. New vessels can also be enhanced by including Stauper internals as part of the design.

Stauper Compact Flotation Unit CFU
Degasser upgraded with Stauper Coalaesence chamber

Our approach has clear benefits...

Proven technology

Significant cost saving vs. new equipment

Fast execution in field

Low capex 

Installation in existing process equipment.

Enhanced separation and performance

Meet discharge requirements

Stauper´s internals captures and flush out solid’s particles

Reduce discharge and downstream erosion

Modification is fast and simple

No recertification of vessel requires

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