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Test at Equinor Grane Field, Norwegian Continental Shelf

Key Statistics

Oil in Water Out: 0.2 PPM

Based on the test, COWI concluded the following:

  • Negligible effect of turndown

  • Negligible effect of GWR changes

  • Solids removal through the process

  • Excellent stability

Further on, COWI summarized that the Stauper CFU facilitates:

  • A single step technology

  • Replacement of several treatment stages in current processes (hydro cyclones and degassers)

  • Simplified operational processes as a result


During the summer of 2017, Stauper was invited to perform a test at a production platform owned by Equinor the leading operator at the Norwegian Continental Shelf.

Equinor is seeking Produced Water Treatment due to increasing water cut. The test was executed over the course of 5 days, and global consulting firm COWI was part of the team to document all aspects of the technology and its performance.

The Stauper CFU was tested downstream first stage separator and downstream

The extensive test was focusing on the following parameters:

  • Cleaning efficiency

  • Gas:Water Ratio

  • Performance under operation pressure variation

  • Reject rate


The oil at the site is the among the heaviest in the North Sea, with a density of as high as 0.94 g/ml, an API of 18.7°.


The CFU was tested at two tie-in points, downstream separator and downstream hydro cyclones.

Tied in at the first stage separator, the Stauper CFU reduced the OIW from 551 PPM down to 2.5 PPM – an 99.5 % efficiency rate.

Tied in at Hydro Cyclones, the Stauper CFU reduced the OIW from 37.2 PPM to 0.24 PPM – and down from 15 PPM to 0.2 PPM in a different test – approaching zero discharge.

The data and findings from the test was presented at Tekna´s Produced Water Management Event in Stavanger, Norway in January 2018.


The Stauper Offshore CFU performed excellently with respect to becoming a potential technology candidate for increasing the produced water treatment capacity at the platform, and illustrated it’s applicability as a stand-alone treatment technology also has the potential for removing solids from the produced water.

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"The test carried out with the Stauper Offshore CFU demonstrates that the technology is applicable for increasing the hydraulic capacity of the produced water train on Grane while maintaining the low footprint and weight requirements on the current structure of the platform."

-Aquateam COWI

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