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China National
Oil Company Caofeidian 11-1/ 11-6 Development

Key Statistics

  • Flow Rate: 1,650 m3/hr (247,500 BWPD)

  • Configuration: Single stage

  • Tie-in: Downstream hydro cyclones

  • Oil Removal Efficiency: Over 90%

  • The installation is a Greenfield project and approved by CNOOC


In the summer of 2018, Stauper was awarded the contract for three CFUs to be installed at CNOOC´s Caofeidian 11-1/11-6 oilfield comprehensive adjustment project, located in the Bohai Bay region. The Stauper CFUs are installed downstream hydro cyclones and will handle 1,650 m3/hr (247,500 BWPD) of produced water.

The installation is a Greenfield project, meaning that it is placed at a new central processing platform where no prior testing was done.  The CFU installation was delivered in partnership with,BOMESC Offshore Engineering Company Limited.

The Caofeidian 11-1/11-6 was brought online in November 2019


The CFUs are receiving water from hydro cyclones containing 500 PPM oil in water. The single-stage CFUs are removing 93% of the oil without the addition of chemicals / flocculants. This is far better than design and processing requirement.  Subsequently, CNOOC has approved the delivery.


This was Stauper first full scale Greenfield installation. The CFU installation is designed to handle 1,650 m3/hr. The single stage CFU is removing 93% oil in water and has been approved by CNOOC.

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